Weigh Day

I don't think I posted at all yesterday, it was a rough day with my daughter sick from school on top of an ear ache she had the night prior where we got little to no sleep. So not a lot went on yesterday except on point eating lol I decided to take a rest day 100% from walking or running, this morning she is home again and all I want to do is go for a walk! It will wait till this evening though. I'm hoping she is better for her Birthday party tomorrow, I would hate to have to cancel it and move it, poor girl.

Today is weigh day! I have actually been dreading today as the scale has been very slow this week despite my good eating and daily walking, I'm pretty sure I'm gaining muscle since I'm not holding water at all, I feel really good! I dropped a whopping .4 lbs haha! Brought me to a total of 68 lbs though! So close to that 70 lb mark!

I've noticed I always have a slow week, with a big loss week, and two normal weeks. Hopefully this is my slow week and not a new habit lol! Before I jumped on the scale, I looked in the mirror and I was honestly very happy with my progress, if I stayed at this weight forever I would be very happy. I'm not skinny or thin, but I don't care, that was never the goal. My goal was to feel good, and right now, I feel amazing! I did drop some inches this week but I'm waiting to do my monthly measurements and weigh in on Monday for that, maybe I can squeeze out a few more numbers by then haha!

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