Weigh Day

This weeks weigh in was really making me nervous! After starting the C25K program on Monday, I noticed a 1.2 lb jump in the scale the next morning. My thighs always swell when I add in harder walking or extra miles, so I wasn't surprised. My eating has been on point, so I didn't change that this week. This morning I saw I lost .2 lbs! So it seems I got rid of most of the swelling, I'll take it! I can still tell them are swollen, so I hope this goes down this weekend.

So far I'm down 62.2 lbs! I'll admit though, I'm not to thrilled with this weeks' weigh in, with all the extra work I put in and effort on my meals I was hoping for a better result. So next week I plan to crush it! I may repeat week 1 of C25k next week as well, I want to get to a level where the jogging for 1 min feels a little more better.

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