When the scale slows, never fear!

Since the scale has been going slow (very slow)... I'm pretty sure I have been slacking on my food tracking and sneaking in some calories! I jumped on My Fitness Pal's community posts to see what advice people have given to others regarding the scale slowing down and saw this awesome graphic! That is how I determined that I have not been honest with myself. For example, sometimes at dinner I'll "assume" the grilled chicken is around 3-4 oz and log that, when in reality the chicken is 5-6 oz (which is roughly a 100 calorie difference).

Looking at this graphic, when I got to the "Have you been logging accurately..." question, I struggled to answer this honestly. I don't track all my iced coffee's and I don't weigh my foods anymore, I have been slacking. So my answer was "no". I have a food scale and I try to use it most meals but I'll admit, I will go a couple days without touching it!

Starting today, I'm going to go back to religiously weighing and measuring my food so I can be exact with my calorie consumption and see how to goes by Friday. On a side note, I feel amazing! Even though the scale isn't moving lately, I feel great and that is all that matters! My clothes are feeling loose and I have had my water retention under control for a couple weeks now, Epsom salt baths are my new go-to for this!


  1. Thanks for posting this graph! I've hit a plateau as well.
    Today I had a light pulp moment. Since your blog posts don't show up on Ravelry anymore, I missed some posts, and then it hit me, bookmark the blog! Duh. So now it's easier to check your blog. :o)

    1. So glad it helped! Ya, not sure what is the deal with Ravelry. I updated it all and it shows on my profile but no where else lol

      The scale has been slow the past week and a half for me. I mix my calories up every couple days and my walking-running changes as well, so I knew it wasn't my routine (sometimes if you are in the same routine, shaking it up helps). So I think it's my tracking, going to try it this week and cross my fingers for a change lol!

    2. You seem to know what to do about it. There are so many factors in fat loss. A good sleep is important and that's a problem with me, as well as I've been lax with my calorie intake. I train so hard 6 days a week, and this makes me so hungry. I need to find what works for me to continue the fat loss. This past week I lost 3lbs, but only because I gained 3 lbs the week before. It's the same ~ 10lbs up and down for months now. Frustrating. But, reading your blog keeps me so motivated, that I don't give up and keep trying new things, and I know I can lose more weight, because I'm halfway there already. :o)


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