5K Interval for Saturday

I just git my medal in the mail for the Spaceballs 5k that Moonjoggers hosted last April. They had some medals on sale to clear out old stock so I jumped at doing this race for only $12! They still have some medals left, head to this link here! Only bummer is the ribbon says 2015, but it's ok, still a great deal. I'm going to do this 5k a lot different this time. I want a challenge and lately all my 5k's have been just to complete the race and suck in the glory of finishing haha!

So, what is my plan? I am going to attempt jogging intervals and using the app Runify for this. I custom made my intervals so I could make these something I can actually do... hopefully haha! I'm starting with a 5 min warm up walk, then will be doing 30 sec jog with 1:30 walk for 30 minutes, then end with 10 min walk. This comes to 45 minutes, my PR 5k is 49:25. If I happen to finish the 5k before my 45 minute time, then I will just tack on 10 min of walking to cool down and turn off the app.

I think this sounds pretty reasonable for me. I've jogged a full mile already and do a lot of walking already, I really enjoy intervals. If I get too worn out, I can just walk the 5k when I get to a point, so regardless I will try my best! I'm also testing out my old Saucony's for this 5k to see how my feet feel, really trying to find the right shoes for this 10k next weekend. I think I figured out which to wear but want to be sure.

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