Bagged Out

It's that time again where my clothes are getting loose and baggy. While this is a good thing and very welcomed, it gets annoying as hell for sure! I feel like I go through a couple short weeks of looking really nice in my clothes and they fit perfectly, then I turn into a bag lady a for weeks and weeks after. Other than the having to pull up my pants every few minutes, I'm pretty comfy and I enjoy seeing the shape of my clothes change. I'm not a fan of belts... at all, I always feel too restricted so I never wear them. I swear I don't wear this shirt all the time haha! I'm always in it when I tend to take pictures, it's just a really comfy and soft tee that hangs nicely on me, so I wear it a lot!

My friend mentioned all this healthy eating may be turning me into a panda, she may be right haha!

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