Carbs + Meals

A lot of my friends who are also on a weight loss journey are low carb or Keto. I tried going low carb for a week, thinking it would show by weigh day... nope. Then I added some carbs back in (mostly in the form of fruit), the next day I dropped 1.6 lbs. Spent a few days low carb, no change on the scale... had a day with higher carbs, a drop in the scale the next day. After this fun research with my body, I came to the conclusion that carbs help me.

I have been researching my food log of the past few months and that was how I found this discovery. I also noticed that this past Monday, when I had higher carbs, I didn't binge at all and I'm thinking it's because the carbs helped me stay full. I read this info thing here and found it interesting. I'm going to add back more carbs (good carbs like potatoes, fruit and whole grains) to see how it goes. The beginning part of my journey I was dropping weight like crazy and I noticed I was eating a lot of carbs, then as time went on I eased up on the carbs big time and my weight loss started going in slooowww motion. I know that the more I lose and the smaller I get, the harder it will get as well.

For "breakfast" I had my iced coffee, ice water, a Think Thin bar (trying these out, hate the name though), and 1/2 an apple... the apple weighed 12 oz, that was why I had half haha!

Lunch was a grilled chicken taco salad, so good! Dinner I'm planning on green onion and garlic chicken sausage with olive oil and herb potatoes, anxious for dinner haha!

My only goal for my weigh in tomorrow is to be able to say I lost 70 lbs, I'm 2 oz away and it's so close. That is all I'm hoping for, but if I don't... that's ok too! When I don't see what I hope to see on the scale, I need to remember these key points:

  • Why I started my journey
  • How good I feel right now
  • What I have gained in life because of my weight loss so far


  1. That IS interesting. I'm 51, so a lot older then you, and have been on a 80/20 Paleo diet for a few years. My weight comes down really slowly, and I've discovered that I sleep much better when I have carbs in my diet, then otherwise. I've been told by other older female on Paleo that they have the same sleep result.
    Maybe I need to add a bit more carbs into my diet, and see what my fat loss makes of it.
    Haha, and I've also noticed that I'm not grumpy when I had some carbs, as when I don't have them in my meals. :o)

    1. I love doing research on my eating! I'm a big data and numbers person so I look forward to this haha! Ya, I think I also sleep better when I have more carbs. So strange! I know my weight will slow some weeks but I am curious if carb intake is the cause of it sometimes. It's interesting for sure, bodies are amazing!


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