Countdown to the Weekend!

Yesterday I planned to do a one mile morning walk but after walking up, I decided to take a rest day. I've been adding in strength training every other day or so and I'm sore haha! My arms and legs are for sure feeling it, which is great.

This morning I headed out for a short mile walk just to get some steps in, then planned to head to my yoga mat... I didn't quite make it there lol! It's been ages since I've stepped on my mat. I have been doing some yoga stretches from time to time in the kitchen while cooking or before getting in the shower, but that's about it. I wanted to start the 30 day Yoga Camp through Yoga with Adriene to kickstart my practice again. It's only 30 min roughly each day, so maybe I will jump on the mat this afternoon or evening.

Now that I think about it, I'm really slipping on a lot of things that I started with in my journey at the very beginning. Since weight loss has been getting harder and slower, I really have been evaluating my current place in my journey and comparing it to the earlier months. A lot has changed!
  • I've stopped eating a lot of fruit
  • Stopped yoga
  • Started relaxing with my eating on days other than Friday... and creeps into the weekend
  • Allowing some binging to happen in the evening
It's time to pull myself together and get back to my "roots". Though I will say, I feel amazing regardless! It's a new day and it's time to get back into (good) old habits! 

Breakfast was fruit, iced coffee, and my 33 oz of water in my bottle. I already planned out my dinner today, grilled chicken with steamed carrots and sweet corn. Trying to eat more clean again and add in more fruits/veggies.

My husband got a Fitbit Charge HR from work yesterday and now we can both do challenges with each other! I'm so excited!! Haha! He was looking at home gyms last night (like the Bowflex and such), I would need to really figure out some rearranging to fit one in the front room, but I would love one!!

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  1. I started Yoga Camp with Adrienne, since my daughter, who's doing Yoga for years now, recommended her. I lasted the first three days. Since I'm new to Yoga it was too much for me. Especially the over 30minutes long days.
    Since my favorite training is kettlebells, and I didn't give those days up, I cut back on Yoga and do it only on my rest day on Sunday. But I've also done some Yoga stretching on Wednesday, when I felt tired, and not up to weight training.
    It sounds like fun, when your husband will be on the exercise train as well. I miss having a training buddy sometimes.
    If you get one, I would love to hear from a person not from a commercial how the Boxflex really works.


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