Daily Weighing

This topic is so mixed from person to person. Some vow to only weigh once a week and some even once a month. There are a few who weigh once a day, like I do, however I only count Fridays as my "weigh day". I'll link some articles I found at the bottom of this post on the positives of weighing daily since there is a lot of negative ones out there! I think it's all a personal choice and people shouldn't attack others over their preference. I've seen too many nasty comments on other Instagram accounts over daily weighing, it gets ugly! My advice is this... do what you think is best for you!

Daily weighing can be a great tool but it's all personal preference. If weekly weighing works for you, that's great! If monthly weighing works for you, that's great too! Heck, even not weighing yourself and just going off of NSV's is fantastic! It's whatever works for you, don't worry about what others chime in and say. Daily weighing can put a toll on your mind if you are not prepared to see the numbers move around day to today. Some days I see a couple ounces go up (or down), somedays I see even a lb go up and down. This weighing method has helped me also figure out how certain foods react with my body.

I switched to daily weighing a couple months ago and it helps me stay on track with my weight loss. While yes, it sucks to see the numbers jump on some days, it also helps me plan for that day to try and "turn thing around". I've lost 70 lbs in 6 months, so clearly daily weighing is helping me. I don't keep track of how much I've lost in general, just the totals based off the last weigh in, so you won't see large numbers on this chart at all, mostly just -/+ and anywhere from ounces to a lb difference.

I also don't always weigh each day, some days that I know I'm bloated, I will stay away from the scale just for my own sanity. It just depends on how I'm feeling, if I really want to see the damage I did by eating my weight in Girl Scout cookies I can... but I didn't, we won't talk about those Girl Scout cookies on Friday haha!!

Remember, daily weighing isn't for everyone!
Stick to what you feel is best for you!

For those who do daily weigh, I wanted to share my little planner log I created for doing so. Also, here are some of my own tips for daily weighing:

  • Don't get obsessed! Stick to a certain time of day and only do it once, then move on.
  • Be prepared to see the scale go up and down! Weight fluctuates naturally, so it's ok to see the scale go up one day and down the next, even if you think you are doing really well. It's ok!
  • Don't look into the numbers too much! If your feeling great that day and your clothes are loose but the scale says you have gained. Ignore the numbers, you could be retaining water or building muscle! Go by what your clothing is telling you!


  1. I liked this post. When I first started out my fat loss journey a year ago, I weighed myself once a month, first day. That was a mistake, because while I thought I did fine, and it took a month for me to see that it was just not enough. I didn't want to wait another month to change things around, so I started weighing myself once a week. Since I've been up and down the same weight since October, it bugs me enough that I'm thinking of doing a Wednesday weigh day, and my usual Sunday weigh day, so I can DO something right away.
    I think my fragile nature regarding my weight could not take the daily weigh in. :o)

    1. I agree! I see a lot of people who pick monthly weigh in and see how crushed they are that day. They think they have done everything right but end up sabotaging it. I like to know that on Monday morning what work I have ahead of me after the weekend. Knowing I'm only up .6 oz from Friday will give me a different attack plan vs. if I were actually down .6 oz instead. Daily weigh in's can be rough for sure! There are days where I cringe and get upset, then I immediately tell myself "ok, I can fix this starting right now". :)

    2. Exactly! I cried a lot every first of the month.I was eating healthy foods, and exercised, but still ate too much. Now that I weight myself more often, I can react quicker. This might change once I have reached my goal weight, but I think not, since I want to keep it OFF. :o)

  2. I love the daily weigh as well. I weigh myself all the time so I know where my range is and I don't freak out if all of the sudden I'm up a pound or two. ;) Love reading your blog, btw :). You make me haaaapppyyyy!

    1. Thats awesome your a "daily weigher" too! I do find it helps me keep better control and my range!


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