Killer Day!

Today my meals were on point! I did dip into my burned calories by about 400 calories... but I ended the night with over 2300 calories burned, so I think that was perfectly ok! Hah! I also not only earned the 15k step badge with Fitbit today, but since I saw I was less than 5,000 away from the 20k step badge I decided to just go for it. Despite the 10k this morning, we all went out for a short walk this evening after dinner, I really felt great today body wise but I know I will feel it tomorrow for sure.

Breakfast was a Think Thin bar and a bit of iced coffee with water, didn't want to eat anything before the race but wasn't sure so I settled for the bar. Lunch was a honey maple turkey sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread (thin Good Seed) with ranch and cheddar, with a side of green apples and freshly made peanut butter (our store has a machine).

Dinner was chicken sausage with a big salad. I had two cups of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn and an iced coffee (The Cookie, it was my splurge for the day despite the froyo, but I only had a little bit of froyo after the race). If I didn't splurge on the coffee I would have been right at my daily 1,200 calories. Such a great day, so many memories were made and goals were crushed.

Tomorrow, I rest!

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