Emotions Over Numbers

The weight I have lost really hasn't fully sunken in yet to me until this morning. When I looked at my 100 lb goal I saw that I'm less than 25 lbs away from reaching that. ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I broke down in tears this morning. I have always had this goal but every time I went for it, I fell off track and made excuses for why it's so out of reach.

"I'm meant to stay heavy"

I tried Weight Watchers on and off for about 6 years, would lose 20-30 lbs, then gain it back plus an extra 10 lbs. When I switched my focus to mindful eating and just watching my calorie intake, it clicked. This is something I can do for the rest of my life as a lifestyle, not a plan or diet. I can eat mindfully and not track my food, and still be on point with my eating. Eat less, move more. Simple.

When I reach my 100 lb goal, I plan to switch my focus to "Phase 2". I'm not sure of a weight goal, it's always just been to get healthy. The more I think about it though I am figuring out an "ideal weight" for myself. I have always been comfortable between 160-180, so I'm going to aim for that number. If 200 lbs makes me happy and comfortable, I may stay there, who knows. I don't have an ultimate game plan though, so I'm flexible. Phase 2 will be a goal of 40-60 lbs, I will aim for 20 lb increments though and play it by ear as I reach each one. If I do get to 160, then I would have lost 1/2 my body and that is crazy to think!

I'm truly feeling like a goal digger, and love it!

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  1. flexibility with the end game is so important. I love seeing you succeed Jess. Like you said,I've seen you in the past go and go and try and try, and I have seen your frustration. so BIG hugs here! I'm sort of in that situation where I need to embrace my body post 2 kids. Which is hard. I lost close to 70lbs about 8 years ago and I kept it off. when I had Josie, my full pregnancy weight was still less than what i was at my heaviest. After her i lost weight but it came creeping back. Its a lot about moving right! so hard with kids. Then of course I went into my 2nd pregnancy with Felix about 20/30 lbs heavier than I was at starting with Josie...and I finished only about 10lbs heavier. Still less than I was at my heaviest. I'm losing but slowly and its really hard with 2 kids. You are inspiring me and reminding me...to just be mindful and accept where I'm at right now. Embrace where I'm at and keep moving. <3 I'm so happy you found something that clicked.


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