February 2nd + Progress Pics

Since I missed posting this yesterday on the 1st, I'm doing it this morning! I completely forgot about my monthly weigh in yesterday morning and had already start drinking coffee... so ya, didn't want the extra ounces popping up on the scale haha! Every ounce counts, right!

I was shocked this morning when I stepped on the scale, I hit 250.2 lbs! That means a total of 69.8 lbs lost... so close!! Total inches lost in January was 6.4", for some reason that number seems so small, maybe since I'm so used to seeing the bigger number of inches lost. I started tracking my measurements on September 30th of 2015, so I didn't start from the beginning of my journey and missed nearly 2 months of measurements... still kicking myself for that! I also just started tracking my calves, so the numbers aren't too crazy yet.

Now, on to my progress picture! When taking my picture this morning, I really didn't think much about it until I put it side by side to my starting pic. I was really blown away, it's hard to see progress in myself since I see myself daily lol! This morning I for sure had an "aha!" moment when comparing the two. Actually seeing the progress makes this journey even more important to me. Numbers on the scale will change, but my body is something special!

Some changes that make me happy are...
  • My boobs now stick out past my belly
  • I actually have curves and shape
  • My legs are looking strong and healthy
  • My posture is changing
  • My energy is sky high
  • I look forward to walking long distances
  • I'm in between a size 20 and 22 (XL and 2XL)
  • I'm doing things that I wished I would be able to do for years... and it feels SO good!


  1. Holy smokes, what a transformation! :o)

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