Froyo Run 10k

UPDATE - I just saw the chip times for the race and I did better than I thought!! I need to get better with using my Garmin lol!

Today was the day for my first live event race and first ever 10k! This was so insanely fun, I did really well and beat my ultimate goal for this race! I did an average pace of 16:35 (I was aiming for a 16:54 pace)!! We finished the race at 1:42:10, I was 3 min under my goal!!! So proud, words cannot describe how this feels for me. Looking back to August when I had plantar fasciitis for over 2 years to now being unstoppable with no pain. That alone makes this journey completely worth it!

I'm now considering a 10k again in the fall! Also, my calorie burn was very nice according to my Fitbit (I generally don't go off my calories burned on my Garmin since it doesn't have a HR). Now I'm off to shower and eat lunch!! Also, we weren't last!!!

Today was also filled with new badges earned on both Fitbit and on Smashrun! I earned the Urban Boot badge on fitbit for doing 15k steps in one day, if my feet weren't so sore I would aim for the 20k steps today... so we'll see about that haha! I also got the February badge and the 10k badge on Smashrun!


  1. Congratulations, Jess! How wonderful! I knew you could do it, easy peasy! :o)

    1. Thank you!! Now I want to do another! lol

  2. Great job and great time! Congrats on your first 10k.


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