Hello, February!

Yay! It's the first of a new month! That means new goals and new progress to be made. Tomorrow will post my monthly weight and measurements for January, I forgot to weigh in before my iced coffee this morning haha! I did take measurements this morning though.

My goals for this month
  • Lose 8 lbs - there is a total of 4 Friday weigh ins this month
  • Water goal daily
  • 7,000 step goal daily
  • Track everything! Weigh and measure everything!
  • Complete 4 races - three virtual 5k's and one real event 10k
  • Ending goal weight is 247.8 lbs

I'm excited to see what February brings! It's already off to an awesome start, I ran into a woman who lives at my community this morning while on my walk (or lack of, it started to rain, so I was cutting it short after one lap). She caught me by the mailboxes and asked if I was walking, then told me she walks every morning and would love to walk together! We are meeting tomorrow morning at 9 at the mailboxes, I'm so excited! I may have a weekly walking partner!!

Other than my short walk this morning, I'm trying to get more fruit in during the day so I whipped up a quick snack of an apple with cinnamon. This morning I looked back at my old food logs from October and November, I have been seriously slacking in the fruit department... big time! So my goal this month if to increase that for sure!

I'm now on the official count down till my first ever 10k, only 13 days till the event. My nerves have finally caught up to me! I'm going to squeeze in another virtual 5k this weekend and plan to try and do 4 miles instead of the 3.1 miles. I'm also trying out one more pair of shoes this week, my older Saucony Original Jazz, I tightened them up and may grab some new insoles this week. Trying to find the best shoes for this 10k, ones that will be the most comfortable. I love my Nike Free Run 3's but that toe crunch on the left foot is really bothering me. If I don't tighten that shoe just perfectly, my foot slides. Just not sure I want to chance it with them and have to walk 6 miles with a sore toe.

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