Here today, gone tomorrow

Remember those 2 lbs I mentioned I gained yesterday? They are gone, whew! Sunday was the start of shark week, Monday I jumped 2 lbs up from it, and now today they are back down. I never freak over shark week gains, they always disappear after a day or two and then I'm back at it. Anyways, enough about girlie things, although I think it's fairly safe to say that most of my readers are women ini general.

Started off my morning with the usual iced coffee and some fruit, I grabbed a banana this morning while I filled up my 33 oz Camelbak water bottle for the morning. I love my big bottle, just two refills and I'm at my minimum water intake of 66 oz, I aim for at least three refills during the day, almost 100 oz a day. Though, I think I drank 66 oz alone in iced coffee... we won't talk about that though lol! I have been considering going "coffee free" through March as a form of coffee detox for a bit, I've been drinking far too much iced coffee, holy crap!

Got my morning mile, plus one more, in this morning. The weather is warming up and it will be in the mid to high 80's all week. Not sure if I'm thrilled about this or not, I for sure felt the warmth on my walk this morning! Summer is coming and it seems to be coming quick for us in Arizona. The mornings have been great though!! I am for sure looking forward to lots of pool time this summer and shorts. I haven't worn shorts since Junior High... thats well over 15 years!

Been trying to add more veggies in with my meals lately. I'm a really picky eater and only tend to like a few select veggies... nearly all lettuce and salad blends, carrots, potatoes, corn, broccoli, and sometimes radishes. I have to sneak veggies in, which is pretty sad seeing that I'm almost 33 haha! I'm hoping to make lots of smoothies this summer and will for sure sneak in more spinach and other good veggies!

Lunch was a left over chicken sausage... again. I swear I eat other things than these haha!! They are only $1 each at the store and I usually make two at a time, one for right now and one to save for the next day. They are just so easy (and tasty) to make! Anyways, I had it with a big salad and shredded on some organic carrots, rosemary & olive oil asiago... I really need to pick up more of this cheese, it's my favorite!

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