Holy NSV's, Batman!

Today was a good great day! My mom offered to buy me a new pair of jeans as a gift, so we decided to check out Old Navy. I used to have to order jeans and clothes from Old Navy since they don't carry "plus size" in their stores (they stop at size 20w in stores here). Since my 22's are falling down, I knew it was time to move to a size 20. Not only did the size 20 fit great.... I was able to zip and button a pair of skinny leg Pixie pants in a size 18! They for sure don't fit comfortably quite yet, can we say Costco sized muffin top, but they actually fit. I sucked back some tears in the fitting room. The jeans were marked down to $9.99 and the Pixie's were $25 on sale, so I came home with both!

I'm now in a size 20! Crazy to think that I went from a size 26 and already down 4 sizes in under 7 months. I haven't been in this size since around the time I got married, close to 9 years ago. Feels really good! Next up is a few new tee's to order in a size XL before I declare I'm in that size for tops, I usually get my shirts from Teepublic. I like to do a good check in the size before I cross it off my "NSV Bucket List", like I didn't cross off the size 18 but I did cross off the size 20.

On top of the pant size NSV and being able to shop in a regular store, I crossed a major fear off my "NSV Bucket List".... sit in a booth. I have been afraid of this moment for a couple years now. Several years back I went to a restaurant, only to find out I no longer could fit in the booth seats. I had to ask for a table after the hostess clearly saw I couldn't sit in the booth. I just wanted to hide under the table and cry, I was so embarrassed. Today I bit the bullet and decided to try a booth seat... in the back of my mind, I didn't think I was going to fit and I was afraid of feeling embarrassed again, but I did it anyways. Not only did I fit in the booth, I had lots of room!!

Also, I did really with my eating at lunch. I decided to order something that sounded good, but chose to focus on my portion and moderation. The left pic was before and the right is what I left behind (well, I brought the rest home for my husband). Score! I ate until I was satisfied but not full, by the time we got to the car I was feeling full but not stuffed. I call that a win today!

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