March is coming!

Just noticed I haven't blogged all weekend so I think a "weekend recap" is in order before I start the new week! My eating has been on point all weekend, the scale has been going down consistently as well. My jeans are now fully falling off me and I'm order a new smaller pair tomorrow (thanks to my mom, she is buying me a new pair as a gift for my progress so far)! I need to pick up some capri's here soon as the temps are for sure warming up, we've been in the 80's most of the weekend and it has been really nice.

I kept up with my strength training on Friday but I skipped my running intervals that morning due to a sinus infection. Didn't want to attempt it and make it worse, still feeling it but it's by far no where as bad as Friday so I plan to do my intervals tomorrow morning. I will also be doing strength training in the morning before my intervals.

I got my March month all prepped in my Happy Planner and can't wait for the new month!! I'm doing three virtual races:
Super excited for these races! They are all "themed" races and will be done on that holiday. I'm doing the Kiss Me I'm a Runner in honor of my husbands mother, she passed away on St. Patrick's Day in 2015. I already have my race packet and a t-shirt that goes with the race, my first race tee and I'm excited haha!

My March weight goal is to be at 239 lbs by the last Friday (25th). Every month when I look at my goal weight I think it's way out of reach, but I hit it each month, so I'm hoping I can crush this goal! This is the month that we are (hopefully) getting a treadmill too, yay! This will make the summer more tolerable for me, 115ยบ+ heat is not my cup of tea! Plus, with my daughter being out of school the Summer break, it will be a lot easier for me to get my walking and running in. Be prepared for lots of treadmill virtual races in the future haha!

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  1. Waaaa, girl you made me run! I'm really not a runner, and never wanted to be one, but reading about all your running goals etc inspired me to give it a try. Only on the treadmill though. I did 3 min walk 1 minute running for 30 minutes. It was fun! Didn't even give all my best, can do better, but I had on a thick sweater hoodie, for the pocket where I had my phone for the running music. So hot! Next time less clothes for sure! ;o)


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