This week is going really well, even though I may have had one too many snacks last night. I binged bad, I'll admit! The foods I ate weren't really bad, but I just had too much of each. Lets see... I had a Ritz cracker fresh stack, organic peanut butter, two string cheese, and an iced coffee... I think also a kids size waffle cone (no ice cream, just the cone). So ya, not bad but not good either. I'm more upset that I binged, not about that I ate more than I planned. It's a new day and I'm back on track! Woke up a tad bloated based on my rings, they weren't as loose this morning. Tonight I am planning on a Epsom soak in the tub, also my butt is super sore from yesterdays walk lol! I think I activated some muscles I didn't know I had when trying to walk quickly home haha!

Breakfast I had a Chobani Peanut Butter flip, iced coffee and 33 oz of water. Then for lunch I wiped up a big salad with low sodium Boars Head chicken, organic carrots, ranch, and fresh grated rosemary & olive oil asiago and parmesan cheese. SO good! The past few nights I've been eating lighter dinners with more veggies (usually steamed carrots) and it has made a huge difference for me the next day!

Tonight I'm planning on just simple grilled chicken stuffed with mozzarella and a cup of steamed carrots.

This morning I got in my mile, this has been turning into "mile morning" for me. I'm trying to get back into the swing of evening walks after dinner, so I may try to start that again tonight! I just hate walking alone at night, even in our gated community. The other day I mentioned I ran into a woman in my complex who wanted to walk with me yesterday morning... she didn't show up. I'm sure something came up, so I was totally fine about it but I was a bit bummed. I was really excited to have a hopeful walking partner! I'm kicking myself for not exchanging info, ack! Maybe I will run into her again!

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