Morning Steps and Chatter

Well, it seems Aunt Flo wants to be heard, jumped 2 lbs  on the scale this morning! I knew I was bloated but dang Aunt Flo, she must have brought extra luggage this month haha!! It's ok, I'm not even worried haha! Started off my morning with iced coffee, 33 oz of water, and an apple. Mornings are rushed with getting my daughter ready for school but I'm never very hungry till after my morning walk anyways.

Got my morning steps in with a relaxed mile walk, felt so nice to get outside this morning. Light wind, 65ยบ... just gorgeous out!

Lunch just hit the spot! I toasted up some Dave's Killer Bread (Thin Good Seed) with some Boars Head low sodium chicken, provolone and organic carrots with Bolthouse Farms ranch (it's only 45 calories for 2 tbsp, not my favorite but great for veggies). Since upping my carbs again, I feel alot better and stay full longer.

Just got my race info for Saturday!! Eep! It's even more real now! Check in opens at 6:45, warm up at 7:15 (hosted by a local shop), and the 10k starts at 7:45. I saw that the race ends at 11 am and was thrilled! I just need to finish the 10k within 3 hours haha!! Here are two goals for this race, I just want to keep it under the two hour time for sure:

  • Ultimate Goal: 16:54 min/mile pace - 1 hour and 45 min
  • Main Goal: 18:00 min/mile pace - 1 hour and 51 min

I'm so excited and so terrified haha! Knowing the end time for the race makes me feel a ton better though!

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