New shoe day!

The other day I mentioned I was trying to nudge my husband into getting me some new shoes... guess what arrived today! I ordered a new pair of Nike Free 5.0's yesterday on Amazon and bumped the shipping for today. I've been stalking the mail lady all day and they finally arrived! I ordered mens and went up a 1/2 size, I was a bit nervous when seeing that they seemed a tad smaller than my other pair (my 3.0's) but they ended up fitting perfect! I think if I went up another 1/2 size they would be too big. They fit much nicer than my 3.0's and I'm a happy camper! I took them for a test run around the house and I had no issues with the left toe. Yay!! Though I think I pulled something on the top of my left foot on my "house run", turned a quick corner and didn't move my foot, hopefully that will go away quick lol!

I'm treating these as my 50 lb and 70 lb weight loss reward since I never did get my tattoo for my 50 lb reward... yet.

This morning I went out for a walk, I ignored my pace and just focused on doing 2 miles. I'll admit, not watching my pace killed me, then seeing how slow I was after killed me more haha! I'm still sore from Saturday but no where near how sore I was before, I think the leg workout I did yesterday is being felt today. I also didn't bring any music with me on this walk... never doing that again. After the first mile I got bored, tried to think of interesting things... nope lol!

Came home and had a quick snack of strawberries. I forgot I picked these up the other day and they were still bright red, need to eat them up before they go bad or I'll chop them up and freeze them for smoothies!

Lunch was a big salad! I topped it with 2 oz of Boars Head 42% less sodium chicken, feta cheese, white sharp cheese, organic carrots, and my normal ranch. So good! I'm trying to eat light today and get all my water in, tomorrow is weigh day and I have been seeing the scale drop 2 oz at a time all week. It just dawned on me that I have yet to see a gain on the scale come weigh day, awesome!! I'm so close to hitting my 2 lb a week goal this week! If I hit the 2 lb mark tomorrow that will be 6 lbs this month so far and I have already beat my monthly goal yesterday!

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