NSV + Nice Weather

The weather has been amazing the past few days, in fact this whole week should be awesome! It will get a bit warm up to the 90's but I don't care! I'm fully enjoying the outdoors as much as possible before it gets hot. I picked up a badminton set at Target today, we don't have a net yet, but I'm heading out soon to go show Zoƫ how to play! It used to be one of my favorite games to play and I kick major butt at it!

I've been wearing my flip flops again but trying not to wear them all day as I fear foot pain again. Even though I'm fairly sure it won't come back, I still worry. Being barefoot in the grass is also one of my favorite things to do! I can tell this will be such an awesome summer, so much different than all the others. I'm actually looking forward to the hot weather, bring on the pool!

Seems like I have been reaching some great NSV's the past few days. Today another hit when I got into my mom's car (which is actually my old car), I noticed I had room on the seat on both sides of my lap! I kept fidgeting in my seat to see just how much room I had and couldn't stop looking at it hah!

NSV are the best!!

Last night I treated my body to a nice hot Epsom soak, my legs were still sore from Saturday's race but today I feel a lot better. Man those baths feel good! I really need to splurge on some new Lush bath bombs here soon, maybe treat them as a reward for my weight loss progress. I'm hoping to nudge my husband into a new pair of running shoes for me, I really want the Nike Free 5.0's badly! I run the best in my 3.0's but they are a 1/2 size to small, I finally figured that out... doh!

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