Reward Planning

Do you reward yourself on your weight loss journey? I do! Though, I still need to do my 50 lb reward from a while back... I planned on getting an Om tattoo as a reminder for myself, but still have yet to go down and get it done. Hoping to do that next month!

I was thinking about some rewards that I would like to "earn" and one is a neat looking kettlebell. I have yet to purchase a kettlebell but want to here soon, then came across some really neat looking ones a couple months ago. I think I am going to reward myself with one of these when I reach 75 lbs lost, I think that deserves a nice reward, don't you think? Only about 5 lbs or so away from this milestone!

If I go for one of the heavier weight kettlebells for my reward, I will pick up a lower weight one to use first! I was recommended to start with a 15 lb to 18 lb kettlebell.

Zombie by Onnit - SugarSkull by DemonBells - Chimp by Onnit


  1. OMG-such cool looking kettlebells! I've been using kb's since last April. I LOVE them. I train with them 6 days a week. I started out with 15lbs kb and use anything between that and 20kg at the moment. I already have a 24kg but only do deadlifts and farmers walk with that one. I only take Sunday off of kettlebell training, and do Yoga that day. I hope you'll love it as much as I do!

    1. Thats awesome! I hope I enjoy it too! I've been looking for a fun way to incorporate strength training and I'm drawn to kettlebell workouts. I may pick up a 15 lb kb here soon to try out. I need to get back into yoga again as well! Trying to figure out how to set up a schedule for the week.


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