Running Focus

Now that my 10k is over, I have been thinking about what I want to focus on and work towards. I don't have any "deadlines" or big races planned, just my normal 5k's. I have been thinking about where I want to go from here and my focus is always brought back to running. I do a lot of walking and very little running. So, what is next?! My goal in the beginning was to be a runner and I still want that goal so bad, in order to reach it... I need to work for it.

My focus now will be running intervals. My running progress feels really slow, but I have come to terms with that and I'm totally ok with my pace! I'm just not going to become a runner if I don't run more, so here is my "hopeful plan":

Mon - Wens - Fri
walking/running intervals - 30 min total
(will start slow)

Tues - Thurs
normal walk

walk, run, skip... doesn't matter as long as I move!

Today is Friday and my plan is start intervals right away so I'll be doing that this morning! I'm going slow so I set my iPhone app for 3 min walk x 30 sec run, I'll aim for around 30 min on my timer which is around 9-10 intervals give or take.


  1. I'm doing the Run the Year challenge of running 2016 miles in 2016 (well, ambulating in some fashion is more accurate as I'm counting ALL of my steps, not just those ran). Anyhow, I belong to a group of others doing the same challenge on FB and we keep seeing all of these people justifying why they are or aren't runners. I'm here to say you're a runner. You're running regularly and are a runner. Own it. Slow or fast, you're doing it! :)

    1. Aww this comment made my day! I'm so afraid to call myself a runner but I feel like I am! I'm a slow runner haha!!


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