She's got legs!

After a 3 day break from walking and running, I finally slipped on my ASICS and went for a morning walk. Tried to add in some running intervals and my legs were like "ummm, no". Hah! Still pretty sore from Saturday's 10k, I must have really put in my all for that race! It felt so nice to get back to my routine though.

Before lunch today, I ran some errands with my mom. We swung by Walmart... and let me say, I rarely ever go to Walmart, but I found some cute running shorts! They fit but are a snug fit, so by Summer or even a month from now they should be nice and loose fitting... or I should hope! I need to work on my tan though for sure, these legs have not seen the sun in over 18+ years. Last time I wore shorts was in Junior High. I swore that this Summer will be the best ever and my plan is to wear shorts this time. I usually hide behind jeans and cardigans in 115ยบ heat but things are changing and my confidence is awesome!

By the time I got home I was pretty hangry, so I reheated up a left over chicken sausage and threw a healthy plate together, filled me up and did the trick! After looking at MFP I noticed my calorie intake was pretty low so later in the afternoon I had a Chobani flip. I used to eat these for breakfast until I really examined the nutrition, so now I save them for a treat on my lower calorie days. They are my favorite and this one, along with the Peanut Butter one, are the best in my opinion! I did try the new 100 calorie flips but I've only tried the peanut butter and jelly one so far.

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