Squeezing out one more NSV this week!

After I got back from testing out my new shoes, I put my jeans back on and noticed just how loose they are. Funny how I didn't notice it this morning, it's like I shrunk super quick lol! I'm in between a 20 and 22 right now, so I'm hoping to get new jeans at the end of March. I try to stretch out the shopping for as long as I can, but I may just get jean carpi's instead since it's already hitting 90ยบ and it's only February.

I'll report also that the Nike Free 5.0's feel great! No toe crunching at all, I did just a short lap around our gated community (like .30 miles, very short lol) and ran 1/2 of it and walked the other 1/2. They feel great!

Note to self: Don't attempt running after lunch, never have I felt so slow and so horse-like lol!

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