Turtles in Peanut Butter 5k

Yesterday I had planned to do this virtual race but had to move it to today, my daughter was down yesterday with a random fever and cold but bounced back quick. Man, she never got sick until she went to Kindergarten, then it turned into a monthly thing. Gotta love school germs lol! I'll admit, I did the happy dance when I dropped her off this morning at school because I knew I get to race home and head out for a 5k.

I got my race packet for the "Turtles in Peanut Butter" on Monday and was itching to do this race! The last 5k I did wasn't the best, I had this random thought to do intervals in the beginning of the 5k... ya, totally set myself up for a burnout... by mile two, so mile three was even slower. This time, I walked the first two miles and did intervals on the last mile, mostly to make it less boring since I opted to do most of this race in laps in the gated community (6 laps).

While this was totally not the fastest race I've done, I made up for it in some time on the last mile intervals and the fact that I finished it was good enough for me! It was a rough 5k, I did strength training yesterday morning just to try it out and woke up so sore today, mostly my butt and inner thighs. So the soreness totally effected my pace today haha! Lesson learned! For sure will be sticking to strength training on my running days now, so I can fully rest in between and the weekend.

I thought I ate way too much yesterday, even though my net calories were about 1,371 for a rest day. But I ended up dropping 6 oz on the scale this morning and it brought me finally into 246!! I have been wanting to see that number show up since the scale keeps going up or down a couple oz each day. Hopefully I will see it again tomorrow morning haha!! I'm for sure heading to a bath soak tonight to ease these leg muscles from yesterday and today, they will thank me I'm sure haha! I need to pick up a foam roller badly!!

Breakfast was an apple with fresh honey roasted peanut butter and iced coffee. After my 5k I had cottage cheese for a snack, so good!

Lunch was a count down after my snack, those miles this morning made me hungry! I fueled up on a wrap with honey maple turkey, swiss, shredded lettuce, little mayo, and salt/pepper. Also had two organic carrots, ranch, and some veggie stix!

Dinner was a Sprouts "spicy parmesan" chicken sausage (they are so big from Sprouts) and a quick salad with feta and ranch. SO good! I did really good with my eating today, had some Buddha Bowl popcorn... and lots of fresh baked cookies... shhh!

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