Weekend Recap!

This was for sure a busy, yet awesome, weekend! My eating was on point, my movement has been fantastic (minus today, rest day). I had a feeling I would be sore today from yesterday's 10k and an evening walk... I was totally right! My hips are for sure sore and I'm feeling muscles in my legs that I didn't even know were there. I feel great though overall, I got close to 10 hours of sleep! Holy crap! I normally get around 6-7 hours, anything longer makes me feel groggy all day. Gotta love the Fitbit sleep tracker!

Tonight I'm going to roll out my yoga mat and try out a "Yoga for when you're sore" session, hoping that helps me feel a little better tomorrow. I did do a nice long Epsom bath last night, that helped a ton!

My eating has been awesome this weekend! Normally I want to eat the kitchen on the weekend, for some reason having my daughter and husband home it just makes me want to relax with my eating even more. This weekend I have stayed full and have made awesome choices. I feel really good about that today and it already showed on the scale this morning, down 2 ounces since Friday, I'm sure my legs are still swollen from yesterday though. I may hit up the bath again tonight to relax them even more, but I've been kicking back most of the day today.

Thought I would share what I ate today:

● Iced coffee
● 1/2 cup cottage cheese
● 1 cup fresh cut pineapple

● 2 oz Boars Head honey maple turkey with cream cheese
● Granny Smith apple
● Fresh ground honey roasted peanut butter (so good!)
● Sargento Garlic & Herb cheese snack bites

● Grilled Chicken with herbs and garlic w/ fresh grated parmesan
● Big salad w/ fresh grated parmesan, carrot, and ranch
● 2.5 oz of potatoes

● 1 cup Boom Chicka Pop popcorn
● Iced coffee

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