Weekend Recap

This weekend was busy, lots of meetings and running around town. Friday we had parent-teacher conference , that went well! Then Saturday we had a meeting with your tax lady and dropped off our taxes, yay! Sunday we all ran to my husbands work to help him pack up his office a bit, they are remodeling the offices so they just need things put together. We went out to eat too many times but I did well, I stuck to moderation and portions.

We hung out on the patio a lot this weekend, it was around 80º and gorgeous out! Normally I would be sweating rockets when it hits 80º and I haven't been hot once, that is awesome!

This morning I did run/walk intervals (30 sec run x 3 min walk) for 30 minutes and it went great! I beat my Friday pace by a minute, not bad. I really didn't do any walking this weekend, in fact I don't think I even hit my 7k step goal all weekend... it's ok though lol! I'm back at it today and I'm actually doing strength training finally. I started slow a couple weeks ago and settled on a mon-fri full body plan. Today is leg day, so after lunch I plan to get that done. I'm playing with calories this week, so I'm curious how it will be come Friday on the scale.

Big NSV was buying a new sports bra two sizes smaller than my other one! Let's face it... 73 lbs later, my boobs look more like deflated balloons than smaller! My other sports bra was literally fitting like a loose tank top, no support at all. The new bra feels amazing and surprisingly I feel smaller in it now lol. Loose skin is a thing as well and it really doesn't bother me. I figure I would rather have loose skin than filled skin. I'll tackle the loose skin down the road in a couple years, I would like to get to my "goal weight" and maintain for a while before really thinking about skin removal surgery, but on a good note, my new insurance covers Panniculectomy surgery (tummy tuck) so that is fantastic news! I just need to meet four requirements to be approved and so far I meet two, the other two will come after I lose all the weight. Anyways, way off subject now haha!

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  1. Wow, that's a big difference in the sports bras! Congratulations on the NSV!


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