Weigh Day

All week the scale has either shown I maintained since Friday or would be up a couple ounces... this morning I hit my weekly goal! Lost 2 lbs exactly on the dot, just like last week. I'm now at a 72 lb loss since August!

I got a grip on my after dinner snacking and it seems to be working like a charm again, I think that may have been my issue the past few weeks. I'm so thrilled with my progress this morning! I'm taking a rest day today since tomorrow is my 10k, eep! I'm so excited, nerves haven't hit me yet but I bet they will tomorrow morning. I know I set some goals for this race but in all honesty, just crossing that finish line will be my main focus tomorrow and I hope I don't cry haha! If you would have told me 7 months ago that I would not only be doing several 5k's but also a 10k... I would have laughed at you! Tomorrow will be a big milestone in my life, never have I done anything this big even though it's just a 10k. People do 10k's for daily runs and walks, but for me this is huge!

I also just earned my 500 mile badge on Fitbit! How cute is that! I'll be hitting several badges after tomorrow on Fitbit and on Smashrun too!!

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