Weigh Day

Ok, I know I mentioned yesterday that I was going to move my weigh day's to Saturday... but, after thinking more about it last night, I feared changing my routine may throw me off my focus. With that said, I'm sticking to Friday's lol!

This morning sure made my weekend, I lost 2.6 lbs this week! I was super shocked since I was actually up 2 oz yesterday but I measured my legs and arms and saw I was up .5-1" on both area's. They were still sore from strength training and still retaining water, so I think those went down and that was what helped my weigh in this morning! Woo hoo! I over did it big time on that strength training day too, I was mostly trying out different kinds of workouts so I kept going. I am back at it today and have a rough plan for my strength training this morning, so I will for sure keep it more simple lol!

I'm down a total of 75.6 lbs!!! I reached the 75 lb milestone and I'm so freakin' thrilled! I beat my weekly goal of 2 lbs too, and my monthly goal. Was hoping to be at 247.8 by today and I'm 244.4!!


  1. Congratulations on 75 pounds lost. That is an amazing feat!

  2. Jess, you continue to amaze me with your success! Congratulations!


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