Why do I run?

This question pops up often on running comments and I have been asked this a few times as well. My response is always "I just love it!", but I really never gave it much thought past that. Today I really thought about this simple question... why do I run?

I think it's more than just because I love it, because in all reality... while actually running, I hate it. Haha! It's when I finish running is when I love it. When I get that "runners high" and satisfaction of what I just accomplished. Lets face it, running is hard when starting out and is still hard for me! I've managed to run straight for 1 mile so far... all other running has been just with intervals or until I can't go on any further.

I run, because I can. Having to deal with foot pain for 2+ years due to plantar fasciitis sucked. The moment my feet touched the ground in the morning, I was in pain. At the end of the day when I went to lay down in bed, I was in pain. Somedays I used a cane around the house when it got really bad, I even backed out of plans sometimes due to the pain. My foot pain left in October and it's still one of my best milestones I'v reached. I haven't had one inch of foot pain since it left, even after my 10k!

I also run because it feels good, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's a time I get to spend alone and in my own head. I think about my goals, my progress in running, what I'm grateful for... the list of thoughts are endless. When I want to shut out my thoughts, I crank up the music and just get lost in the moment. Just me, the sidewalk, and my music.

I may be a slower runner, but I still run

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