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Each time I complete a further race distance I add a new sticker to my cars back window. Mind you, there are only two so far... but still. Yesterday I added a 10k decal to go next to my 5k one! I get oddly emotional when I put these stickers on, it's like seeing a sticker on my car makes it "official" even though I have medals hanging on my closet door... the stickers are just really symbolic to me. I also have a nice spot for a 13.1 sticker too, saving that for next year!! My goal is to do one next year, was going to do the Rock 'n' Roll half but I'm going to do the 2-day 5k and 10k for that instead. We will see!

My goals right now are to work up to running a full 5k since I've done so many walking ones. I just got a new medal/bib packet yesterday in the mail for the "Turtles in Peanut Butter" virtual race, was going to do that this morning but my daughter is sick and home from school... so I'm pushing it to tomorrow morning. Can't wait to show you all this medal, it's too cute, I'm trying to keep it up and away from myself until I finish this race lol! The ribbon reads:

I run. I'm slower than a herd of turtles in peanut butter. But I run.

I was spending some time in my Happy Planner this morning... well, who am I kidding, I'm always playing with my planner! The scale has been going slow this week (even though it's only Tuesday), I have been seeing inches drop, so that is awesome. I saw my goal weight for February was to reach 247.8 by the last Friday this month (26th)... I already hit my goal, so that means I'm still on track for my May goal of reaching 221. I'm so fearful of not being able to reach my May goal (that's when I want to hit my 100 lbs lost) but seeing this maybe me happy. I need to keep telling myself that if I don't reach my goal by that May date, it's ok. No matter how long it takes, I will reach it... just need to be patient and trust in my progress.

Last night my husband ordered from Amazon Prime Now and picked up a kettlebell (along with some other things). I'm so excited to finally have one to workout with. I'm a bit lost on what kind of weekly schedule I should do, like 3 days a week or something. Also, if I should focus on a full body workout on these days or focus on arms one day, legs the next, and so on.

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  1. I recommend the Iron Core kettle bell DVDs! They're like $9 for 4 on Amazon (Prime), the instructor is awesome, and each disk builds on the previous so you have an instant program. And they're great for beginners- example they have built in 30 second breaks for water after each set on the first DVD- I started them and I'm about where you were when you started your journey, probably even a little more out of shape then you were :)
    Amazon link:
    Hope this helps!
    p.s. I'm girrlfriday on Instagram, so it doesn't seem creepy that I'm randomly commenting out of the blue :)


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