Yay for intervals!

I know, this is like the third blog post today... sorry! This morning I jumped right into my interval plan and got to it! It went so well and I felt great after a long hiatus from doing them. Did I mentioned I ran very, very slowly? Hah! 

My intervals were: 30 sec run x 3 min walk

I may do this time set for a couple weeks till I'm comfortable and then increase the run interval to 45 sec. Then I may switch over to the C25K again, just want to start out a little slower right now. I figure this is my own race and I will run it how I want. *high five*!

Also, I really got to test out my new shoes and they felt great! Started off a little snug on my walk (mostly my left foot, always trouble with my left foot) but after a coupe short laps they loosened up and felt great. The best thing is now left toe crunch, lots of space. Big difference from yesterdays shoe test though, I ran after lunch and that made me feel like a yeti running in snow uphill.


  1. Thank you for posting this and being a running nerd, too! LOL! Sometimes I feel like a big dork for processing the minutiae of my thinking about running 'aloud' on a blog, but en I read what you've written and I have a total conversation with you about my experience in my head... Love it. Love your blog. Love your story... Just... Awesome, Jess. ❤️❤️❤️ You're awesome. Thank you for sharing!!!!

    1. I totally use my blog like thinking aloud lol!! I love to log my whole journey, it's so fun to reread and share! Thank you so much <3


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