80 lb Milestone

This morning I reached 80 lbs lost! Holy shit! I'm not counting it as my "official weigh in" since it's not Friday but I was to excited not to share this news. Let's hope it still says 80 lbs on Friday haha! I was really skeptical for this week since the weekend wasn't my best, I figured I had a lot of catching up to do and I would settle for just getting back to my Friday weigh of 242.4, but the scale read 240 on the dot this morning!

Yesterday I went for a morning mile walk and ended up adding in 3 running intervals in, couldn't resist! I decided to walk in my ASICS Gel-Flux 2's and they gave me no issues yesterday, I was shocked. Normally I keep them for my daily use for running errands and such since when I walk or run longer than a mile, my right toes go numb. No matter how loose or tight I tie them, I even laced them several different ways, nothing helps. My Aunt has the same shoes and she had the same toe numbing issue as I did when we were on the 10k race. Weird! I know one thing, I should have gone up a 1/2 size but the store I got them at only had the 12's and didn't offer the 12.5 size like they do online.

With that said, I'm eyeing a new pair of running shoes, the ASICS Gel-Kayano 22's and have them in my Amazon cart right now lol! What's one more pair of running shoes, right? I normally run in my Nike Free 5's, love them but sometimes I want some extra cushion on some days. It's been a toss up between the Kayano 22's and the Brooks Ravenna 7's... still torn on which to get. I'm going to swing by the running store next weekend and see if they have both in stock and try them on there before I order in case I can grab them in person instead.

And no, I don't run in jeans lol This was taken when I left to pick up my daughter from school haha!

This morning I went out for running intervals. I forgot I deleted my intervals app that lets me customize my own intervals, so I opted for the C25K this morning since I didn't want to wait for the re-download of the app... then have to reset it up. I just did the week one - day one: 1 min run x 1:30 walk... I'm now a hot mess, but didn't die so I'll call it success hah! I may use it again on Friday for my intervals. Not really doing the program, just my own thing really. The pace on it seems pretty accurate against my Garmin too, shows my walking pace was around 16:40 and my running pace was at around 13:52. I'm pretty happy with my running pace! Can't wait to upgrade my Garmin, I settled on the Forerunner 230... but really thinking about the 235 since I like the idea of having a wrist HRM. So we will see what I end up ordering!

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