Another Milestone

This morning I stepped on the scale (I daily weigh to keep me on track, but count Friday's as my official weigh day) and I was at 233.2 lbs! I have lost nearly 2 lbs since Friday being sick with this cold. I'm not complaining one bit though haha! I've been eating very little during the day. My appetite is slowly coming back and I have only been craving veggies and fruit, not a bad crave to have! I did indulge in a slice of cheesecake yesterday at our BBQ... it's cheesecake, no way can I pass up my favorite dessert ever!

My April weight goal is to reach 229 lbs by the 29th. If my week goes like my weekend, I may be seeing that 229 mark way early, how amazing would that be though!

Today I realized that I now weigh less than I did before I had Zoƫ in 2007 and on my wedding day in 2009! What a huge milestone! I plan to try on my wedding dress when I reach 200 lbs just for fun and to see how it fits on me now. Here is a shot from our wedding on October 20th in 2007.

I also found some old face shots on Flickr and decided to do a side-by-side comparison to the headshot I got of myself the other day. There is an 81 lb difference between the two (I'm now at 86 lbs lost). It's weird how I'm just now really seeing how much I have changed! Every day I'm thrown off when I look in the mirror... and I may have a girl crush on myself now lol!!

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  1. Huge difference! I also look forward to the day when I weigh less than I did before I ever started having kids. About 165-ish. NSVs for the win!


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