Better Than Yesterday

It's been a very lazy Sunday, minus my morning 5k... the rest of the day has been fairly kick back. This afternoon I was reflecting on where I'm at right now in life, mostly my running. I decided to dig up my first post about walking and when I actually started to move more. After reading a post I found, I was really amazed at how far I have actually come.

Here is the post here if you care to read, it's not a long read. 

I was just starting to walk and started with one lap in our gated community (which is .3 miles to be exact). This is when I still had my plantar fasciitis, so pain was still an issue. My step goal at the time was 2,500 steps a day, most days I didn't reach that goal. My current step count now is between 8,000-10,000+ depending on the day (weekends tend to be my lower step days). Somedays I don't really feel like I have made much progress in running, but reading that old blog entry justifies that I indeed have made a ton of progress!

I tend to think about running a lot, it's always on my mind and I try not to talk about it as much as I want to. I'm sure my husband gets sick of me talking about running... running shoes, my pace time, my next race, and so on. You know how some people switch addictions for another, I think I have slowly been turning my food addiction into a running addiction... and that isn't a bad addiction to trade for!

My goals in running change every so often, once I challenge myself and succeed the challenge, I tend to rethink my running goals and decide on what I want to do next. After doing intervals in this mornings virtual race, I have proved to myself of what I am capable of and now I just need to keep challenging myself. I have a goal written in my planner and that is to run a 5k. I'm finally starting to see that I will reach this goal, might even be this year if I keep going forward!

In the beginning, my focus was just on weight loss and yoga. I haven't touched my yoga mat in ages, while I like yoga and the lifestyle of a yogi... it never fully stuck with me. It started to feel like a chore to wake up and go straight to the mat. Like I had to do this routine. Not sure why I felt like that, but my passion for yoga has gone away for the time being. I do plan on stepping back on the mat soon, but don't want to make it my focus. Running is so different to me. Even though I make myself go out and do it and keep up the routine, I don't burn out or get bored. This is the only thing I have done that has stuck with me for more than a 3 month period, I usually get bored after 3 months and move to something else. Maybe it's the challenge of running? Maybe it's the endorphin rush when I get home? No idea, but whatever it is... I love it.

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