Face to Face

It's been a while since I did a "face to face" comparison! Yesterday I decided to take a new picture for my social media profiles, I'm not a huge selfie person but I'm getting there haha! Last selfie I took was on Christmas day, wow!

To be honest, I have been stalling on doing a face comparison picture because I didn't think I would see much of a difference... but I was wrong. I can see a few changes to my cheeks, chin, and my glasses are looking bigger since my face has been shrinking. It's so weird that we don't notice these changes in ourselves until we see a side by side. I haven't cut my hair since the last pic, I am in need of a trim but I think I may keep growing it out. I have super thin hair compared to when I was younger, so I'm always self conscious about that.

One thing I never took into consideration is how foreign my body would feel with a big weight loss. Everyday I notice how different my body feels, like when I touch my arm or my hip. It feels so different and not what I've been used to feeling for so many years. I'm surprised daily by how my body is changing. It's not a bad feeling by far, it's a great feeling, but it just feels so strange. Hard to explain haha!

And yes, I tend to pose the same in my pics it seems lol!

Here is another comparison, from the start of my journey to now. It's an 81 lb difference with a little over 7 months between.

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  1. Wowee wow wow! Isn't that amazing?! I know it's a health project and all, but isn't it nice to see the changes, too?! Excellent, friend. You're inspiring me to get going on losing some weight again. ;) cheers!


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