Grocery Shopping and Running Gear

Today is my rest day, lately I've been trying to do a short walk in the morning anyways, but instead I went to the grocery store and Costco to get my steps in! I got my morning steps in and picked up some things while there, I mostly wanted to grab fruit but I found a couple extra's while there. I finally found some Halo Top ice cream, I've been looking everywhere for this when I'm at the store. Our grocery store was nearly out but I found vanilla bean and chocolate so I grabbed the chocolate to try. I tried a spoonful and it's good! I'm saving it for the weekend, only 60 calories per 1/2 cup.

By the time I got home, I was hungry! I resisted grabbing a salad and sandwich from Costco (those pre-made box lunches they have by the meats) and came home to make lunch. This filled me up good! I've been trying to cut my coffee down a bit to two iced coffee's a day during the week and have been doing really well with that. I'm only cutting it down so I drink more water, I was slacking on that last week and this week it is helping! I've been drinking about 100 oz a day which has really helped me this week. I feel very "refreshed" if that makes sense lol!

We got our taxes done last weekend with our "tax lady" and now are waiting for our return... oh, how the wait sucks every year haha! This year will be fun, I'm for sure splurging on running gear... lots, of running gear! My Amazon cart is full and just waiting for me to hit the checkout button haha! I'm going to register for a few virtual races as well, and I'm registering Tuesday for the Cookies & Milk 5k for April 10th! It's a live event in Scottsdale and I'm so excited!!! It will be the last live race I do till the late fall due to the heat. We don't have too many races past April in Arizona anyways because of the heat.

Another fun buy will be a treadmill!! We already picked it out and just need to go back down to buy it, takes about a week to deliver, can't wait!!! Summer will no longer make me nervous about not being able to run and walk. It will be boring, but I will be happy! I think we are planning to mount a small tv on the wall in the home gym room too, so that will be much easier than dragging my laptop in with me.

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