Haul: Planner Stuff and Shoes!

Today I did a lot of online shopping and errand running, you can you tell our tax refund arrived in the bank this morning, hah! First I did my online purchases that I planned (new Garmin, clothes that fit, etc). Then I decided to run by Target to see if they had any compression capris in stock that fit right, I almost grabbed one pair I saw but the print was just too much for me, I like fun but that was way out of my comfort zone lol! I did grab a pair of compression shorts, some washi tape for my planner, and a new notepad with pens.

After Target I decided to make my way over to Michaels, just to see if they had the new Happy Planners in stock... bad idea, they were in stock... I left with more than a planner. Ya, haha! Since this one starts fresh in July, I'm going to move over April through June into the new planner so I can start using it now, then take them out when June passes. Also, Michaels had a 40% coupon! Score!

My last stop was Roadrunner Sports to look at shoes... again, just wanted to look, but came home with new shoes! I originally planned on a few other shoes to look at and never even looked at the Brooks Glycerin 13's, apparently my size 12 is hard to find and they only had 3 shoes in their stock in size 12. He brought out all he had and I tried them on. They had ASICS Gel Nimbus 17, Brooks Adrenaline 13, and the Brooks Glycerin 13. Fell in love with the fit of the Glycerin's, it's like they were made for my feet. They came home with me! I'm not a fan of the color but I didn't care, comfort won this time for sure!

I'm glad I tried on the Adrenaline, they did not work for me at all. I almost ordered them this morning but had the nudge to go in the store first.

I did break my "no coffee till Friday" rule and grabbed coffee while out, I caved and I don't care hah!! I had a small headache creeping up on me and new caffeine would help so I used that as an excuse. I'm glad I stuck with my eating though, I was so itching to grab food while out but stuck to my guns and came home to make lunch. This is one full salad plate and I'm still munching on it!

I'm so looking forward to trying these shoes out tomorrow morning, even more excited for my new Garmin to arrive on Thursday!!!

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