Hot Baths and Food Talk

... I'm going stir crazy without my running this week. Spring Break has left me with a lazy 7 year old who doesn't want to go out with me in the mornings lol! I don't like running in the evening since Bob is home from work and we enjoy family time, plus I don't like running at night at all. I'm a big safety nut, so I get too nervous going out alone, even if I have protection and a light lol. I'm using this week as a rest week (still doing strength training though) and it's just driving me crazy! I'll be back at on Saturday for sure, I'm doing a virtual 5k in honor of my mother in law who passed away last St. Patricks Day.

Last night I took a nice hot bath soak with one of my new Lush bath bombs, I used Intergalactic and loved the water color. We have been planning to pain the front home gym room a dark teal since we get so much natural light in there, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone for this room.

I have added a new food to my "ok list" lol!! I'm such a picky eater and I have been trying to try new foods little by little. I made kale chips a couple years ago and didn't like how they taste, but I think it was how we flavored them because I picked up a bag the other day... and I'm in love! I need to try making them again with a better recipe. I'm now converted to the Kale Side and want to try all the kale things! We are headed to the movies tomorrow to see Zootopia and I will be bringing this bag with me for snacking on.

My goal has been to switch to vegetarian slowly. I dropped red meat a couple years ago, then dropped pork about 6-7 months ago, I've never liked fish or seafood so that wasn't a problem. I now only eat chicken and turkey, so little by little I want to drop turkey, then chicken. So protein has been my biggest struggle since most of the veggies and food that contain high protein... I don't like or haven't tried. I'm trying to try new things each month, when I finally feel I can get enough protein in without chicken/turkey, I will start to eat less and less. It's just a personal choice of going vegetarian, I won't go into all the ethical reasons and such of why I'm going vegetarian, but I may later on after I make the full switch! I did go vegan "cold turkey" a couple years ago but wasn't prepared at all so I only lasted about 2 weeks. I'm trying to fully prepare myself this time, but not taking the full vegan plunge... yet.


  1. Do you like beans? Nuts? Hemp seeds? Peanuts? Tofu? Tempeh? And, do you eat greens? And Brocoli? All of that food is PACK of proteins! (and proteins are kind of overated... you don't need a lot per day, so don't worry about them!)

  2. If you want to explore in your new taste for Kale, let me recommend it in soups. That's where I first fell in love. Specifically with the Olive Garden recipe for their Zuppa Tuscana. We have made it at home for years and years. When my fiance went vegetarian it was one of the first recipes I was sad to see go, but over the years after much trial and error we have found good substitutes for the sausage (Yves Veggie brand ground meat, with lots of added red pepper flakes. It does not get soggy or gross in the broth like most meat substitutes), and Better Than Bouillon, Vegetarian No Chicken Base broth. To us it tastes just as good. We put so much of the potato (Matt's favorite part of the soup) and Kale (my favorite) that it's more like a Chunky Soup version, than what Olive Garden actually serves, but we love it!


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