It's Monday!!!

I'm sure I'm not the only Mom excited that it's Monday (especially if it was Spring Break last week)! Last week really threw me off with my routines in running and eating. I ate good, but not great. I was for sure not 100% with that. This morning I started off my day a little different, I normally have iced coffee before I leave to drop Z off at school, then go running and then eat breakfast. This morning I skipped the coffee (saving it till Friday) and had plain greek yogurt with granola and ice water before I left for the school.

I thought I was dragging on my running intervals this morning, but when I got home I saw that I beat my mile PR! Woah! I was shocked, I thought for sure I was slower than normal. I tried some Cliff Energy Bloks before I headed out and those seemed to help. I haven't tried energy gels or gummies before so this was my first try with it. I did have some Sports Beans the day of my 10k race and those helped! I may venture out and try some of the gels and gummies though. The reason I cut back on my coffee during the week is so I can focus on getting more water in, sometimes I slack on that since I'm drinking iced coffee all day.

Shoes... I've been back and forth on getting new running shoes. My ASICS Gel-Flux 2's are finally breaking in and have been nice for running but I feel like they are too clunky? I am a mid-strike neutral runner and these make me kind of flop flat when I land, if that makes sense. There is no roll at all with these shoes. I want to try Brooks (Adrenaline GTS 16 or the Ravenna 7) or the Saucony ISO Triumph 2's, so I'm heading to our local running store later this week to see how they feel. I have my Nike Free 5's that I love, but sometimes I want a little more cushion and they are low cushioned shoes. Anyone have either of the shoes I'm looking at? How do you like them?

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