Kid Free Day

Since my husband has a four day weekend, we totally took advantage of a kid free day while Zoƫ was in school! We ran by so many shops including a local running store. We grabbed coffee this morning and then sat down for lunch later. I came home with a new 10 lb dumbbell, workout tank, and some Trader Joe's snacks.

I have two 5 lb dumbbells but they just aren't heavy enough for some of the strength training workouts I do, so I went up a size to the 10 lb, seems perfect! I have also been using my 20 lb kettlebell on strength training day, totally loving it!

We found a couple shops that are going out of business, so I found a tank top for the Summer on clearance! I think XL will be my Summer starting size for May/June. I'm in a 2X right now but just went down to a size 20 in jeans and about to order new tee's in an XL! I don't like super tight workout clothes, so the XL are still pretty fitted on me, but they fit, so that's exciting! By May/June they will be perfectly loose and how I prefer for sure. I can imagine going into a large after that, seems unreal. I cannot remember the last time I was in a large size.

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