Kiss Me I'm a Runner 5k

This morning I got up before sunrise and headed out for the Kiss Me I'm a Runner virtual 5k! I didn't get out the door before sunrise, but I was out there about 7:30! I did this race in memory of my mother in law who passed away last St. Patrick's Day. She had liver disease and it took over her fairly rapidly after my father in law passed away the year before. I am hoping to do a Fathers Day race in memory of him this year.

I'm really pleased with this race! I did intervals again (30 sec x 3 min) and was happy with my pace time. I matched my walking pace time but that means my running is slowly getting faster. I was afraid I would be sore today since we did a lot of hiking and climbing yesterday, but only started slowing down towards the last part of the run, then picked it back up on the last two intervals. I plan to do these intervals again for my last race of the month, the Bunny Stomp, and compare my times.

● 3.12 miles
● 16:56 average pace
● 52:48

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