Mall Fun and Rewards!

Today was spent at the mall with my mom and grandma, We took Zoë to Build-a-Bear, she has been earning this trip for weeks now with good grades and behavior. I knew we would be eating there so I planned ahead since I knew there was a Paradise Bakery, stuck to my plan and grabbed a 1/2 size salad. I grabbed some iced tea over at Teavana and did a lot of walking around.

While at the mall, I also treated myself to a weight loss reward at Lush! I grabbed three bath bombs to celebrate reaching the 80 lb milestone last week *high five*! I could spend all day there, but limited it to three bath bombs lol! I did grab a shampoo sample while there, I've been looking for a better shampoo so I'm trying Big from their shampoo line. I have super thin hair, it used to have volume way before I had Zoë... but ya, it's not the same at all anymore haha! I'm always looking for more volume.

I took a peek at the scale this morning and I'm half a pound away from reaching my Friday goal! Working hard to reach that 2 lb lost goal and hope to see it. Fingers crossed!

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