Meet Maggie!

We added a new member to our family yesterday! Meet Maggie, she is a Golden Retriever and absolutely the cutest thing ever!

We had a Boston Terrier a couple years ago and he was extremely aggressive, which if you know Boston's, thats quite rare. He would bite us, growl, and attack at random, so we just couldn't keep him around Zoƫ anymore. I feared he would nip her in the face one day or worse. We rehomed him with the help of our local Boston Rescue and ever since we have been terrified to get another dog in fear it would be a repeat like Oskar.

After a 2 year wait we started to do a lot of research to find out what dog breed would suit our family. While I adore mutts, I don't care for pit bulls and out here nearly all dogs you see are a pit bull mix of some kind. I have met some sweet pit bulls but they just aren't my cup of tea. However, my friend has a pit/lab mix that is just the sweetest dog ever! Anyways, we had a list of what we wanted in a family dog:

- a good running buddy for myself
- one we could take on trips and trail hiking with
- great with kids and people
- active and can keep up with us

We narrowed it down to either a Lab or a Golden Retriever! Someone yesterday had several Golden puppies available so we decided to jump at this chance and check them out. We fell in love with a sweet girl and decided to take her home. We can tell she was well loved and taken care of! We ran by Petco on the way home with her to get everything we needed.

She did super last night and slept on my neck and face lol! I was up about 6 times with her so I only got about 3 hours of sleep but I didn't mind. I can already tell that she is much different than our previous Boston Terrier. It was totally meant to be as well, the man we got her from was named Ralph, that was my Grandfather name who also owned a Golden Retriever, it was National Puppy Day, and this guy contacted us at the perfect moment. I think the universe was totally in our favor! You will be seeing a lot of her on the blog, I'm sure!

Here is a shot of the parents as well, gorgeous! I grew up with a Golden Retriever, she was very red in color and a fantastic family dog. Maggie is very light in color right now so I'm curious if she will darken up or lighten down. I'm excited to grow with her and see what she adds to our family.


  1. Congratulations! I just saw it on flickr. I have total puppy envy right now. :o)
    It's not like I don't have three dogs already. I hope you two will be great running buddies one day.
    And your lovely daughter looks so happy!

  2. So happy for you Jess! Congrats on the adorable new addition to your family!


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