Morning Intervals + Garmin Choices

It felt so good to run again this morning. I took the weekend off... due to laziness and I for sure missed my routine! Today felt really good on my intervals, I did 45 sec run x 3 min walk for 30 min. My running on the first two intervals felt really clunky, but as I got into it and loosened up they got easier and felt more relaxed.

My data from my Fitbit was neat to see, you can see the running peaks. I'm ugrading my Garmin in a couple weeks and have been torn between the Forerunner 230 or VivoActive. I'm leaning more and more towards the 230, I do like the 235 with HRM but I just don't see it very practical since I have a HRM on my Fitbit. If anyone wants to chime in, go for it! I would love to hear what you think.

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