Name change... again!

Ok, I think I did a post like this a couple months ago when I changed my blog name to Will Walk for Coffee, but I didn't plan to keep that permanent since I was working my way to be a runner. I originally planned to change over to "Will Run for Coffee" but when I went to register my domain name, someone grabbed it... it was available a couple weeks ago too, boo. So... I had to get clever and keep it similar because lets face it, I can't go a day without coffee and if someone told me "I'll buy you Starbucks if you run with me"... I'll drop everything right there and start running lol!

With that being said, I now have a permanent name!!! Like, for real permanent! Runs for Coffee is now in effect! I was really trying to avoid this name since there are a lot of Runs for "insert word here" but, it was available and went along with my previous name. I'm going to be keeping my current blog link as is, so my new domain will direct link to it. So no need to update your bookmarks right now!

I'm so excited for this change, more so than before. I started my journey with walking and hoping to run one day, now 7 months later I run. I may not run each time, but I run and I feel like a runner... I am a runner! I don't know why that label makes me feel the way it does, but I feel like I just climbed a mountain to earn this label.

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