New Size NSV!

Today I got new tee's in my new smaller size, XL in mens!!! I started out on my journey with a tight 3X in mens (I don't care much for women tee's, they are often too short for my liking). I'm so thrilled, even though my face doesn't show haha! I'm still fighting this cold, but my appetite is slowly coming back.

So happy with my progress! Yesterday I really started noticing my loose skin more. It's funny how one day you don't seem to notice, then the next it just shows up! My arms are starting to show more and more, but it's really not that bad there. I may post a picture soon of what is all hidden. I get lots of comments like "you don't look like you have loose skin", but I do! My stomach is like a deflated dough ball and I'm guilty for playing with it in mirror on many occasions haha! Some days my skin bothers me, others it doesn't one bit. I keep telling myself that I would rather have my skin be loose than filled. I may never have a "bikini body" but that was never the goal on my journey, health was!

I got some fun planner stickers in the mail yesterday for race days! Since I do 3-4 virtual races a month I wanted some stickers that really stand out on my pages, I found these tiny oval ones online at lilmissCdesigns! I grabbed a sheet of the 5k ones and one marathon mix for later in the year to use (hoping to do another 10k this Fall... or a 15k!). I also got a new washi tape organizer in the mail, it's actually a utensil drawer I got on Amazon, but holds lots of washi tape!

Maggie section! I think I'll add this "Maggie section" to my posts from now on, because I'm just a tad obsessed with this little puppy haha! She is doing super! Housebreaking is going really well with minimal accidents (so grateful we have no carpet lol). For the most part, she starts heading to the patio door when she needs to go and will meet her there ASAP, but usually we pick her up and carry her out. We usually take her out every 15-30 min when she is playing in the living room (all other places in the house are off limits) or right away when she wakes up. She snuck out of her bed on the floor a few times without me noticing and that was when the accident occurs. She now naps on the couch on her Adventure Time blanket so I can catch her right when she wakes up easier, we aren't crating her. We had a bad experience with crate training when we had our Boston Terrier a couple years back, so we really didn't want to go that route again! She has also started going potty in the area of our yard that we wanted her to go in, success! We have a small area on the side of the house that is all rock, we may pull the rock out and leave it just dirt over there for her. This makes poop pick up so much easier when it's in one area!

We are taking her to puppy classes at the end of next month! I think this will get her off to a really good start and help catch the typical puppy behavior quick.

She is in her black bed in this pic, it looks like she has a ring around her neck haha! She is just sunken inside with her head on the top edge lol It was also mail day for her! She got a new toy donut, never too many cute toys for my girl!

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