Relaxing and Race Plans

Another nice weekend so far! Yesterday we ran over to my Nana's house to celebrate my Aunt and cousin's Birthday, we had Costco pizza, salad, and lots of cake. Holy crap... that combo did not sit well with me at all, it went right through me by the time I got home... twice (yes, I know that was TMI lol). I'm not sure if it was the slice of greasy cheese pizza or the cake that did it for me, or both, but my stomach could not handle it one bit. We have frozen pizza from time to time at home (the Newman's Own thin cheese) but it's really "light" and it doesn't bother me at all, so I'm not sure what happened haha! I'm actually glad it didn't sit well with me, now I don't want more at all!

Today was pretty lazy and I decided to just take a rest day even though I planned to go out for a sunrise walk/run. I was pretty sore from a few new lifting workouts I added to my strength training routine on Friday... I was really feeling those side muscles! My eating was on point today too, woot! In fact all week my eating was on point and no binges, it was a very successful week.

I added two new stickers to my car!! The "Not running sucks" and "I ♥ Running" are the new ones. I have a spot above my 10k for a 13.1 sticker to add next year when I do a Half Marathon, that's the plan anyways! I read somewhere online that some people think it's tacky to add race distances to your car, but I don't care. I'm proud of these little stickers and I worked hard to get to this point, I never thought in a million years I could do these so now I want to show them off.

Tomorrow is the Running of the Pii virtual 5k (it's supposed to be on pii day, the 14th, but I'll be busy this week). I have a plan for this race! I've done a lot of 5k's but they are starting to feel like I am not putting much effort in them. I walk nearly all of them, get home and check my time, then post my results. If I want to grow as a runner, I need to increase my challenges and see what my current body is capable of. With that being said, I really want to beat my PR but I also want to run more on my races more. I'm going to do intervals of 30 sec run x 3 min walk. I think that will be enough walk time so I don't burn myself out. This past week I have been doing 1 min run x 1:30 min walk intervals, so this will be slowing back down again and I think doing that will help... we will see when I report back after I'm done!

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