Running of the Pii 5k

Another race in the books! Now, this ended up by far my fastest 5k... but it ended up my most challenging and rewarding 5k I've done yet. I decided yesterday that I was going to run intervals through this 5k, I wanted to do simple ones and give myself enough time to recover so I wouldn't burn out. It worked really well! I did a one lap warm up walk, then dove right into 30 sec run x 3 min walk interval, then walked the last 4-5 min (though I did run to the door). To be able to run throughout a 5k was the biggest reward. My goal was to run in this race and I did just that!

Another upside to adding some running is that I burned around 805 calories, score! That was around 14 cal per minute, not bad! I have a race next Saturday I'm doing, it's the Kiss Me I'm a Runner 5k (I have a shirt to wear too!) and I plan to do the same intervals again to see how I do.

3.27 miles
● 55:35
● 17:00 average pace

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