Running, Puppy, and Planner

Sorry I haven't been very alive on the blog, I'm fighting a cold that crept up on me and have been puppy housebreaking. The cold forced me to move the Bunny Stomp virtual 5k (that was going to be this morning) to next month on the 16th, boo. I was going to try and go out anyways but I need to get rid of this cold first, with the lack of sleep on top of it... it wouldn't be a good idea at all. Super bummed as I was really looking forward to running all week! I'll be home alone with Maggie this coming week while Z is in school so running in the morning won't be an option. I may go out for some runs after Bob gets home from work though, we'll see!

Our treadmill will be delivered on Saturday!!! I'm planning on doing the #teamsparkle 5k on Saturday and tempted to do it on the treadmill to test it out. I'm doing 4 races next month, one is a live event on the 10th, so excited! I have been missing that live race feeling ever since the 10k in February.

Hoping to test out my new Garmin this week if all goes to plan and this cold disappears! I got it all set up and still need to set up the run/walk feature, but I love it so far!

Puppy training has been going amazingly well, I'm actually shocked! She had one accident on Friday and that was my fault for seeing if she could follow me outside... she almost made it to the door, she tried! We have had no accidents since and yesterday she even went to the patio door by herself and scratched at the screen to go out, I let her out and she went potty and came back in! Holy smart puppy! We got her at 7 weeks (vet said it was perfectly ok) and I'm just shocked at how fast she is catching on. She is such a good puppy, we are bonding quick and I just adore her.

I can't wait to start running with her in the Fall, I'm going to slowly introduce her to it and start with a super short distances, just to get her started. We are going to be great friends! I have been guilty of spoiling her already, I've been picking up toys right and left. I may cave and order her a toy box lol!

Fish went to the vet on Friday, that went really well! He was getting due for a year check up and I needed to get his rabies done since he is headed to the groomers on Monday. We are getting him a lion cut due to some matts forming on his underside, poor guy. He hasn't learned yet that when I pull out the cat carrier, it usually means he won't have a fun time lol

I got my new Happy Planner all set up, moved over April through June into the new planner from my old one so I could use it now instead of wait till July when it starts. Swapped out the normal rings for extender size and also added a folder. I need to finish decorating the April weeks tonight! My planner goods has exploded, especially my washi tape collection... and I ordered more today!

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